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We specialise in Health, Safety and Training consultancy services for all industries, no matter your company size, offering a flexible range of solutions which can be designed to suit you and your budget.


Contact us today to arrange a FREE no obligation consultation meeting with one of our advisors to discuss your organisation’s health, safety and welfare requirements.


Our services start with the offer of a FREE health and safety news bulletin, which has been designed to keep you informed of health and safety legislation changes, whilst confirming the general requirements of current legislation, why not register for this service today.


Health & Safety Bulletin

Our safety assistance packages start with a telephone advice line on health, safety and training matters, it will give you and your workforce direct access to a competent safety professional, who will provide the safety assistance you require to help you comply with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.  Request a free meeting to discuss this and the other services we provide.


We also provide a wide range of training programs, which includes 32 health and safety related eLearning packages which are available to your workforce 365 days per year , many of our courses lead to professional qualifications, but with our company’s roots associated with the ‘Training Boards’ we have the skill base to tailor any courses to an organisation’s specific need and our training department will if necessary develop courses to meet gaps in the market.


Health and Safety eLearning programs

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