Welcome to Sitesafe UK Ltd

Sitesafe UK Ltd offer a flexible range of health, safety and training solutions which can be designed to suit the individual or, organisations need.

Established in 1986 to give safety support to a group of companies affiliated to the Road Transport Industry Training Board, Sitesafe became a limited company in 1989 and now offer a wide range of safety and training services relevant to all Industries.

From our friendly telephone advice line on health, safety and welfare issues to a range of training programs which lead to professional qualifications and a comprehensive  capability to provide health and safety assistance, we have earned a reputation for giving quality support at a competitive rate.  

The ever increasing safety legislation, statutory required safety controls, high profile accident claims and serious incidents at work, make providing a safe working environment todays number one priority for most employers and Sitesafe prides itself in being able to help any organisation meet that challenge.

Our advisors and instructors have the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to ensure you can comply with both your legal and moral work related obligations.