About Sitesafe UK Ltd


Sitesafe UK Ltd was established in 1986 to provide safety support for a group of companies affiliated to the Road Transport industry.


Within 2 years it had become an independent consultancy offering a full range of safety and training services across all sectors.


We are based in Oxfordshire, but have advisors and trainers sited throughout the UK and pride ourselves on being able to tailor our services to suit the client and their budget, without compromising the quality of the product, or our commitment to fulfilling the client’s expectations.


What’s special about Sitesafe UK Ltd. Our clients regularly make comment about the friendly atmosphere they experience when dealing with Sitesafe staff and the uncomplicated way in which safety information is presented. When a company takes on a safety assistance package with Sitesafe, their dedicated advisor aim is to become an integral part of their team.


It was Sitesafe advisors that worked with GERIS to bring Hampshire County Council the first Dome covered incinerator in the UK, traveling to Mexico to review manufacturing and the erection process for the 36 m structure and then working closely with GERIS and the HSE to ensure the structure could be built in the UK given our specific health and safety laws.


Sitesafe UK Ltd’s advisors also worked with Durr during the construction of a multimillion pound spray shop for BMW factory at Cowley, ensuring the day to day safety of the large workforce, again the technology was cutting edge and the hazards associated with basic construction compounded by the range of trades and nationalities involved.

The Royal Victoria Docks in London was a busy shipping area between 1855 –1981 but has more recently been redeveloped into prestigious high rise living accommodation and is the site of the Excel arena. Sitesafe clients were involved in much of the redevelopment of this site, with our advisors and instructors attending the area regularly to ensure safe systems of work and a well-trained workforce.

Projects in this area were subject to deep excavations, working near water, working at height, difficult traffic management programs and world war two unexploded bombs.

The introduction of alternate week refuse and recycling collections has been in the news for a number of reasons over the years, but behind the scenes collection staff all over the country have had to change the way in which they work, learning new skills and facing new hazards.


Sitesafe UK Ltd advisors were heavily involved with the selection of new equipment, vehicles, operator training and the development of safe systems of work to ensure the safe transition of services for Oxford City Council.

Our advisors inspected scaffolds during the construction of the Milton Keynes indoor ski slope, ensured the safety of those relaying turf at Cardiff’s Millennium stadium a few weeks before a cup final, worked with a specialist contractor on Chelsea FC training ground at Cobham and helped LONDIS and Excel Logistics distribution to store, load and deliver goods to stores safely all over the country.


Sitesafe UK Ltd are proud to have been part of such a wide range of high profile projects, but just as proud to be working with new businesses starting out.

Many of those using our assistance packages employ less than 10 staff and the encouragement we get from these clients for the service we provide is always positive;


* ‘We wouldn’t have got the contract without your help’,

* ‘I couldn’t have done it without you’,

* ‘The HSE was especially impressed with our safety policy’,

* ‘The Principal Contractor was not expecting such a detailed risk assessment and method statement, we are so glad we got you on board’


Our thanks to you for taking an interest in our company and the services we offer, why not take the next step and call 01865 326 553 to discuss your safety or training requirements or book a FREE no obligation consultation meeting to investigate how Sitesafe can help your company.





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