Talk about health and safety for long enough and someone will eventually tell you it’s all just ‘common sense’.  If that were the case perhaps we should be asking the question why;


   • 2.3 million people are suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by

     their current or past working environment.

   • 2542 people died of Mesothelioma  in 2016, and thousands more from other occupational

     cancers and lung diseases.

   • 467 Asbestos deaths in 2016

   • 144 workers were killed at work, (2016/17) and in addition 92 members of the General Public

      killed due to work related accidents.

   • 136,771 other injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR in 2016, a rate of 517.9 per

     100 000 employees.

   • 299,000 reportable injuries occurred, according to the Labour Force Survey, a rate of 1000 per

     100 000 workers.

   • 4.5 million days were lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries.


Most of these people work/worked for companies that have gambled with the health and safety of their workforce. That is not to say that they had not allocated time and money in trying to comply with health and safety legislation, but a proportion, took a chance.


The CHANCE that systems they provided, worked and were not just paper work exercises. The CHANCE that if all else failed, ‘COMMON SENSE’ would prevail.


Sitesafe UK Ltd offer a range of training and safety services which are aimed at reducing the risk of chance and remove the need for common sense. The monitoring services of safety inspections, audits and surveys which help to confirm the systems you provide are affective.


Auditing your organisation’s safety performance is a ‘COMMON SENSE’ approach to health and safety, site inspections increase your ‘ODDS, of identifying trends before they result in injury or ill health, surveys establish the facts and with that valuable piece of information you remove the ‘GAMBLE’ involved in some workers educated guess.


Some inspections are of course a requirement under legislation they need to be done at specific intervals and record specific information and action taken.


Sitesafe UK Ltd offers a wide range of safety audit, inspection and survey services.



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Safety audits

A Health and Safety Audit enables your company to check your existing commitment to health and safety is working and will identify what if anything you are doing wrong and whether you are in breach of a specific legal requirement. The Lord Cullen report stated; “Monitoring and auditing the safety process is a critical activity to ensure that any safety program is being followed”.


Our comprehensive Health and Safety Audit involves an initial critical evaluation of a company's existing system for managing health and safety. We review the structure and methods of operation and survey the workplace to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions and non-compliance with Acts, Regulations and Approved codes of practice.


We prepare a confidential report on the findings with advice and guidance on actions to be taken to bring the company in line with health and safety legislation and good industry practice.



Site inspections

Accidents at work are most common in the construction industry and consequently the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) focus a lot of their energy upon this sector.


Our site inspection service helps to provide evidence of a safety culture within the company, identifying safety issues, but also recording compliance with site rules and safety legislation.


Small organisations can rarely afford a full-time health and safety officer to get involved in detailed legislative requirements and so this service can be added to our assistance packages or purchased on an as required basis.


Outsourcing this health and safety function is a cost-effective way to stay within the law and become known by your clients as a low risk company.


Site inspections culminate in a report left on site with your representative so that immediate remedial action can be taken as necessary and a version of the report sent to the company’s responsible person.



Safety tours

Safety tours are another form of inspection. The safety tour is used by our clients in conjunction with their trade union representation. Our advisors tour a working area with the nominated group, which can be managers, supervisors, safety reps or a mix, help to identify any source of concern or improvements required.

Scaffold inspections

Regulation 12 of the Work at Height Regulations requires work equipment to be inspected after installation or assembly, and any work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in dangerous situations is inspected at suitable intervals (but there is no given frequency) and each time that exceptional circumstances liable to jeopardise the safety of the work equipment has occurred.

The only defined frequency is given as "in the case of a mobile working platform" must be inspected at frequencies not more than 7 days.


Sitesafe UK Ltd offer various services to ensure our clients can comply with this requirement, from a scaffold inspection service, Scaf-Tagging arrangements, ladder inspections, scaffold appreciation courses and scaffold inspector training.

Racking inspections

The requirement to regularly inspect items of storage equipment is defined in various health and safety legislation and guidance notes. Our advisors carry out rack inspections to ensure the product and installations comply with the SEMA code.


However, many have years of experience working with mechanical handling equipment and can identify the

potential cause of damage and bad operating practice to help our clients eliminate any reoccurrence.


Our rack inspections are carried out by qualified personnel, who look for:


   • Structural defects

   • Damage to uprights

   • Overloading

   • Correct installation



If you are unclear on your legal obligation or want to discuss how this inspection service can benefit your operation, contact our safety department on 01865 326  553 or use our quick contact form.

Noise surveys


The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

As a guide, there is likely to be noise risk that needs managing wherever you must raise your voice or have difficulty being heard clearly by someone about two metres away.



As far as peak noise levels are concerned, the lower exposure action value is likely to be exceeded wherever there are noises due to impacts or explosive sources.


Our noise surveys comply with this legislation and includes the measurement of the equivalent continuous sound pressure level (A-weighted Leq) and the highest sound pressure level (C-weighted true peak). The Leq is also measured by means of personal sound level meters (Dosimeters), worn by the employee during such surveys.


A frequency analysis of the various noise spectra is also available and from this the daily average exposure rate of your various employees is calculated. Further actions depend on whether the lower or upper exposure values are exceeded.


We submit a report, listing these measurements, including the print-outs of the Dosimeters, advice on who is at risk, which areas should be ear protection zones, which employees are recommended to wear ear protection and which type of protection this should be.


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