The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation (MHASAW) requires every employer to make suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk to the health and safety of his employees and to persons not in his employ who could be affected by his undertaking.


Other health and safety legislation reiterate the need for formal assessment of risk and suitability, i.e. Fire, Work Station, Young Person, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Noise, Vibration, Personal Protective Equipment, Expectant mothers, Work at Height, Confined space etc.


All have one thing in common, they are an ‘absolute’ requirement under statute law and without them, you and your workforce are at risk of serious injury, ill health and prosecution.

General Risk Assessment (MHSAW) and Method Statements

General assessments can be carried out by our experienced safety advisors, who will visit your site to discuss/observe the task, record all significant hazards associated with the task and the area of work. Discuss existing/available controls and any further controls considered necessary and then compile the assessment identifying the residual risk levels using a recognised and easily understood, severity and likelihood ratings system.

We also help our clients to compile meaningful method statements to compliment the risk assessments and aid safe working. Our advisors will work with your staff to identify the scope of work and methodology used by your company to complete the task, identifying hazards and agreeing safe systems of work and then once the method is agreed, the advisor records the findings in statement form.


All risk assessments and method statements produced by Sitesafe UK Ltd advisors have unique numbering and revision acknowledgement system for future reference.

COSHH Assessments

Our COSHH assessment service is a flexible option. Whether you need a single substance assessed or a COSHH management solution for your company our safety team can help.


We can obtain data sheets, review and assess systems of work, recommend correct PPE and produce assessment  sheets with pictogram information to ensure the critical safety issues are easily understood by the workforce.

Our COSHH service offers a review and revision guarantee for 12 months following the assessment date. If data sheet information changes during this time we will update the assessment at no extra cost.


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Manual Handling Assessments

This type of assessment is required under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and our advisors can help your organization comply with the requirements. If the task involves manual handling, which include; pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting and lowering items the regulations apply. You should;


• Identify if there is a risk of injury

• Avoid load movement or automate if possible

• Assess any residual risk

• Identify measures/controls to reduce the risk

• Implement the controls review


Noise and vibration assessments

Noise and vibration are two hazards which require specific assessment once they reach designated action levels. Our trained staff will visit site to identify the scope of the problem by survey. Advice will be provided during the survey on any suitable quick fix solutions to ensure the immediate safety of your workforce. The final assessment report will provide guidance on reducing noise/vibration levels at source using engineering or best practice solutions.

VDU Work Station Assessments

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations requires the analysis of workstations to assess and reduce the risk. As with other assessments the legislation requires the assessment to be suitable and sufficient. Our advisors will visit your premises and carryout a formal analysis of the work station, environment and visual display equipment, following the standard requirements as detailed in the schedule to the regulations.


During the assessment the advisor will give the station user instruction as required on correct station set up.


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Work at Height Assessments


The Work at Height Regulations 2005 requires all work at height to be properly planned, appropriately supervised and carried out in a manner which is safe. Our advisors work with clients to ensure compliance of this significant set of regulations using the hierarchical systems of control to identify the most suitable method of work.


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The principal of risk assessment is not difficult, you list the hazards, remove those which can be removed and then assess the risk of those hazards which remain.


Follow this up by introducing control systems as necessary to reduce the risk levels which remain to an acceptable level, then monitor.


I know, we are a consultancy and you may think we would be talking about risk factoring, using the hierarchical control systems and producing Nomograms etc, but our aim is to provide you with a service that deals in plain English not try to confuse you with safety jargon.


If the process is easy why use Sitesafe to carryout risk assessment; Firstly because we will save the average client significant time allowing them to get on with running their business and secondly because our advisors have carried out thousands of assessments and have years of experience. Our guess is, your situation is not unique, and we can help your staff cut through the search for safer systems of work.


We can work as part of your team, at a fraction of the cost of employing your own safety professional, to ensure all task hazards are identified and dealt with using the most appropriate control system. Their knowledge and experience will ensure the assessments completed for your organization are as required, ‘Suitable and Sufficient’.


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Our assessment service will cover all necessary elements to ensure a suitable and sufficient assessment can be recorded.


We use the HSE MAC system and Sitesafe assessment forms to identify the risk level of a manual handling operation to report the findings.

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