Health and Safety Training


Not all organisations are of a size that can support a team dedicated to ensuring that their workforce are adequately trained and that those critical roles in the company are fully covered in the event of, sickness, promotion, retirement or career change.


Sitesafe’s Training Manager service, now offers all organisations the opportunity of developing their own bespoke training programs by using the services of our professional training team.


We already provide over 200 general safety and professional training programs for the individual or groups of workers, and a range of eLearning programs but, by subscribing to one of our safety assistance packages, the courses you send your staff on can be tailored to your specific organisations need.


For instance, what is the benefit of training your staff to handle square packages! If, in reality, they push wheeled bins or shift sacks of cement. Our bespoke courses will ensure they get the basic information, instruction and training required along with the specifics for the tasks you want them to carry out.


All of the courses we offer are designed to ensure compliance with safety legislation, but no one company is the same and our flexible approach to training gives our clients the choice we believe they have the right to expect.


Training any member of staff is a commitment into the future of the individual and company. We understand such commitment and the initial cost involved. The programs available are competitively priced to ensure our customers get best value, with our eLearning programs available at any time (night or day) 365 days per year.


Thank you for visiting our Web pages and we hope you find what you are looking for, but if you don’t or if you just want to talk to a real person about your training requirements, why not call 01865 326 553, where our staff will be pleased to help.


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