Warehouse & Distribution Training


Many of the larger warehouses are now fully automated with computers controlling intake, storage and dispatch of stock items. However, many more still rely on manual order picking operations and the various types of lift truck to get the product to the consumer.


With its roots firmly set in the old Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB), it should come as no surprise that Sitesafe instructors and safety advisors have been providing training and safety assistance to the Warehouse and Distribution Industry for over 30 years.


We have sound experience at operating in difficult working environments, such as freezers, chill chambers, zoned hazardous areas and dock side, but whether your staff are shifting tins of beans, fish fingers, museum artefacts, body scanners or new print rolls, we have the training program and experience to make your workplace a safer place to be in.


Sitesafe also offer a range of eLearning courses which ideal for those working in warehousing and distribution. These allow delegates to complete foundation training programs for several key subjects, at a time, pace and location that fits in with the individual or company’s requirement.





Sitesafe offer a full range of lift truck training courses for both novice and experienced operators, including:


  • Counterbalance, Reach, Side loader, Pedestrian Stacker, Pallet Truck, Rough Terrain vertical mast and telescopic handler.




  • Refresher training and re-testing courses for operators already certificated for specific types of machine
  • Conversion courses from one type of machine to another



Sitesafe instructors can also offer bespoke training programs to suit individual client needs.


A brief description of courses and course lengths can be viewed below, but, for more information and our pricing structure for these courses either contact us on 01865 326 553 or simply complete our quick contact form selecting the course title and we will contact you with the information required.


All training is carried out in accordance with the HSE code of practice and accrediting bodies, with access to a range of specific schemes.


Facilities permitting, training can be carried out at the customers premises, this enables the instructors to cover both basic and familiarisation training during the training programme. Courses are also available at our training centre.


Standard Ratios


* Counterbalance, Reach, Rough Terrain and Side Loader


1 x Novice - 3 days        1 x Experienced (uncertificated) - 1.5 days

2 x Novice - 4 days        2 x Experienced (uncertificated) - 2 days

3 x Novice - 5 days        3 x Experienced (uncertificated) - 3 days


* Conversion courses – 1 day – Maximum 2 trainees per course

 PALLET STACKERS                       ORDER PICKER


These programs can be tailored to your company’s specific requirement with the instructor covering the types of loads frequently handled by your staff. Call us to discuss your manual handling issues and get the most out of the training on offer.


The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) requires every employer to identify the substances in use at the workplace and to “assess” whether they present a “risk”. Such assessments must be recorded and the risks removed or controlled.


This one day course covers the statutory requirements and identifies practical ways to deal with the COSHH Regulations and required assessments.


Course content


  • The requirements of the COSHH Regulations
  • Basic terminology used in COSHH
  • Sources of information and their effective interpretation
  • Risk assessment techniques for hazardous substances
  • Control systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Monitoring and occupational health requirements


For more information and our pricing structure for this course either contact us on 01865 326 553 or simply complete our quick contact form, selecting the course title and we will contact you with the information required.



Slipping or tripping is the single most common cause of injury in the UK work place. In one year, slips and trips resulted in almost 11,000 major injuries and 30,000 injuries leading to an absence of more than three days.


Most accidents at work can be avoided with careful housekeeping. Avoiding slips, trips and falls provides a simple overview of this topic. It helps employees identify common causes of each type of accident and provides tips on how to alert colleagues to potential hazards.


This training program is available as a 2 hr session whilst a generic format is available, we can tailor this and many other specific hazard control sessions to your company requirements.


For more information and our pricing structure for this course either contact us on 01865 326 553 or simply complete our quick contact form, selecting the course title, or tool box talks, and we will contact you with the information required.



* Refresher

1 day refresher programs with retest are available for delegates holding an existing

recognised training certificate for a type of FLT - Maximum 2 delegates per course.


* Ride-On Pallet truck and small Order pickers

Novice operator - 2 days maximum 3 delegates per course

Experienced (uncertificated) - 1 day maximum 3 delegates per course


* Attachments

Given the wide variety of attachments on the market today which makes the lift truck the versatile tool that it is, we cannot give a standard training program on this site to cover all items, but we do offer a service to develop short specific job training programs to the companies requirements, so whether it’s; fork extensions, man cages, lifting jibs, carpet booms, tipping skips paper clamps, give Sitesafe a call to arrange suitable and sufficient program for your staff.




These courses introduce candidates to the hazards and risks involved in manual handling and outlines what to expect from a manual handling assessment. It will enable employees to develop safer manual handling techniques in the workplace.


* Course content


The process of manual handling in the workplace

Manual handling injuries and the activities which cause them Manual handling assessment and control options

Responsibilities imposed by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations


Course duration 3hrs – maximum delegates per course 8

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